Curator Nika Chilevich put up a show in 2015 at Casa Imelda.

Our lives are conditioned by the spaces we inhabit – the physical and amorphous terrains we navigate each day. They are the contours of our experience and knowledge. From the academic to the interpersonal, from our encounters with language to our relationship with consumption, our perception of our surroundings and our cognizance of the spaces that contain us are a story that maps our existence.

This show commemorates a space that has long offered artists and creators in different fields a shape for reflection and a reprieve from the distractions of daily life. It exists to promote inquiry into the mechanisms employed in our social organization, into the spaces that define us and through which we define – a place to deconstruct the discursive limits that dictate how we internalize and then reproduce our experiences. This show celebrates the closing of the physical space the Casa Imelda Residency and Hostel for Cultural Projects has known for the past two years, as well as all of the future spaces it will hold and transform.

This final, commemorative show examines the benchmarks we encounter in space, whether small or big, social or psychological. It is a reflection of the different coordinates that determine our lives, and the maps we use to encounter them.


Karla Belinda Amezcua

Camila Farina

Jorge Juan Moyano

Ericko Starck

Benjamín Torres

Sergio Verastegui

Michael Waldrep