mi casa tu casa // open house

micasa tu casa

La idea de casa refiere comúnmente al refugio, al hogar, a la familia. Las historias que acontecen en ese lugar íntimo son muchas. También los recovecos o pasadizos que espacialmente activan la memoria de sus usuarios. Casa Imelda, es considerada como un hostal para proyectos culturales. Entre otras funciones, hace residencias para artistas. En esta muestra reúne a un diverso grupo de artistas para jugar en un cuarto de una casa. Casi como una invitación a una fiesta, los diez artistas se fueron sumando para establecer un diálogo desde sus imaginarios, memoria y pulsiones.

The idea of a house commonly refers to a refuge, a home or a family. The stories within this intimate place are not always known. Nor the nooks or the secret places, which activate the memory of the users. Casa Imelda is considered a hostel for cultural projects. It is also a residency for visiting artists. For this show, it reunites a diverse group of artists in a room of a house. Almost as a party invitation, the ten artists added up to establish a dialogue from their imaginaries and experiences.

MANY THANKS TO Alejandro Almanza and Anibal Catalan for the help and support. It was a pleasure to share the space with Curro&Poncho, Yautepec Gallery, CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions and Wendi Norris Gallery.




Casa Imelda at Material Art Fair 2016

Casa Imelda is pleased to be part of Material Art Fair 2016 for the second time in a row. In the last years art fairs have become a corner stone in the diffusion and exposure of culture in the global world. As an Artist Run Space, Casa Imelda will show in its booth three international artists: Hernaín Bravo, Camila Farina and Jorge Juan Moyano.

As part of the off-site activities the art exhibit “Mi Casa Tu Casa” will take place at Melgar 30, colonia Condesa in Mexico City, February 4 from 4-9 pm. This show will work around the idea of the house as space.




We are very thankful to all the participating artists and to the curators and managers of the fair.

Mario Asef at UNARTE

In November 2014 Mario Asef (born in Argentina and currently a Berlin local) performed an artistic residency at Casa Imelda in Mexico co-financed by the German institute IFA –Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen. During this period he developed the project: Loteria Nacional.

The project refers to the symbolism of the public space and it is structured in three chapters or different moments. First, through the introduction of graphic works pasted to the walls of the Santa Maria la Ribera borough. Then, Asef  usurped particular urban situations with video documentation. Thirdly with the intervention of the megaphone in a second hand trading truck to communicate a new message within that context.

In December 2015 some to the pieces where shown at UNARTE, an art university in Puebla, Mexico.

Images from the show at UNARTE, Puebla.